Question and Confirmation.

Matthew pumpkin at
Fri Jan 28 23:29:25 UTC 2011

  I just want to confirm one thing and ask something else.

My understanding is that Tor encrypts both the content of a data packet and 
also the header.  It encrypts the packet and header three times on the 
client (my computer) and then at each node one layer is decrypted until the 
data packet and header are decrypted to plaintext at the final exit node 
(except when TLS is used).  Right?

The Tor FAQ says "Tor is not illegal anywhere in the world".  Can that 
really be the case?  What about North Korea for example?  Tor as a specific 
tool might not be specifically illegal but surely it would fall under the 
rubric of some kind of stupid prohibition?  Just wondering.

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