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Fri Jan 28 21:35:19 UTC 2011

On Thu, 27 Jan 2011 11:51:56 -0500
Flamsmark <flamsmark at> wrote:
> I run a Tor exit node because I support the ubiquitous availability
> of strong anonymity for anyone who wants it. Tor is one of the
> strongest, best- researched, and most widely-used online anonymity
> system, and I want to help keep it running at maximum capacity.

First and foremost, thank you.  

> The support that I received from the project was somewhat limited,
> but I can't really imagine receiving that much more. I spoke with
> arma on the IRC channel, and he provided me with moral support, and
> offered to get me in touch with Ed Felten at Princeton's CITP. 

We're trying to figure this out ourselves.  I've personally been the
introduction point between exit relay operators and a lawyer in their
country to help them when something goes wrong.  I've spoken to a number
of organizations, such as law enforcement, Internet providers, and
schools about what Tor is, who uses it, and how we can help when
criminals use tor.  In some cases, I've travelled to meet people to
spend time with them and help them as best I can.  

Law enforcement organizations are generally surprised when we show up
to talk to them, to educate them, and explain that real people use tor
for real reasons.  If all you see all day are criminals using a hammer,
then clearly hammers are only for criminals.  It's the same with Tor.
It's frequently the case that their own investigators are using Tor to
hide their tracks online too, and are willing to show up to support us
and talk about how they use it.  I hope this helps stop SWAT teams from
kicking down doors when someone exits traffic for a jerk.

I've talked to people on the steps of their local police station just
after they were released from jail the night before.  I've talked to
people looking at academic suspension and huge fines because of a DMCA
notice.  This is why I started contacting law firms in various
countries to find resources for people,  It
needs more work, it needs someone with more legal background to write
up a case guide for other lawyers/solicitors/judge advocates.

I am always impressed that 95% of those accused of something due to
their exit node fight harder to keep running a Tor exit node.  It's
people like this that help keep your liberties around the world.  Once
again, thank you.

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