Shewstring v1.0.0 release!

Shew shew09642 at
Fri Jan 28 16:34:22 UTC 2011

Hi everyone,

I have been working on this toolkit for quite a while, and I think it
is now stable enough for some general use. Enjoy!

Shewstring is a collection of Bourne Shell functions and scripts for
building installers of secure and anonymous FreeBSD distros. It is
primarily intended for developers of anonymity systems, administrators
of anonymous services (such as Tor hidden services), security experts,
etc., but ordinary users that have some skill in the art of security
and anonymity may find it very useful too. One use of it might be to
build an installer for easy to set up inproxies and outproxies for the
darknets; another might be to host a service across all major darknets;
or the user of the software might just want a secure desktop with
cryptography tools and access to all major darknets. Shewstring
abstracts away most of the complexities of building secure systems, so
an installer can consist of simple function calls and script
executions. Only customization or use of darknet features that don't
have functions yet would need custom shellcode.

Shewstring currently comes with one pre-built installer, the Shewstring

Shewstring Desktop is an installation which provides a very secure
desktop system with tools for encrypted and anonymized communications.
It balances between the storing of no information (thus leaving few
local traces of your activities) and storing information (enabling you
to have better continuous communications). It does this by segregating
all programs into different jails, and giving them each their own user,
and then separating the programs' files into write-only files,
temporary write files (changes are lost after shutting down), and a
very few read-write files. In addition, programs are chosen carefully
with security in mind and are further locked down in their
configuration. Anonymity is preserved by forcing the programs with a
firewall to only use the communications channels that are allowed for
their jail (one jail may allow only non-anonymized communications, and
another may allow ONLY anonymized communications).

More info on my blog:


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