Torservers: Update on move to UK & on the association

Moritz Bartl moritz at
Mon Jan 17 12:25:40 UTC 2011


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A few days ago Softlayer nullrouted ONE of our exit IPs, but the other
IPs are still up. So much for the 72hr deadline issued on Dec 5th
(because of one DMCA complaint).

I could just move the one "dead" exit to one of our unused IPs, but we
have used up most of our bandwidth in the current billing period anyway
(85TB at the moment, one week to go), so it doesn't hurt that much and
I'll let it run with three Tor processes for the next week.

Every time I ask 100tb about the new server in the UK, they tell me they
will get "back to me with an offer shortly".

About the association: You know that I am working on setting up a
non-profit organization. I have found an excellent privacy lawyer who
helps me to set everything up, and the foundation will be based in their
offices, which gives the best legal protection we can get. At the
moment, I am waiting for the tax authorities to confirm the charitable
status of our charter, after that we will hold a founding meeting in
Dresden, probably sometime in early February.

If you happen to be somewhere near and want to help us get this thing
going, you're welcome to join us! I could also use a native speaker for
the press release (to hopefully generate a bit of attention to the Tor

Moritz Bartl
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