How to use Google Gadgets with Tor? - Is this possible?

Mike Perry mikeperry at
Sat Jan 15 19:02:00 UTC 2011

Thus spake Matthew (pumpkin at

> To cut a long story short after having removed TorButton, NoScript, and 
> HTTPS-Everywhere and therefore leaving just Tor I still cannot get Twitter 
> to work from Gmail.  I am using Firefox.
> The Twitter icon and drop-down box partially loads (but not as normal when 
> I am not using Tor).  Clicking on it appears to load some Twitter functions 
> e.g. "transfering data from" but Twitter does not 
> load.  Eventually all loading messages just stop and the screen stays as 
> Gmail.

I've noticed that some mashup services mysteriously break when Google
decides to give them/you a captcha. This could be happening to you. You
could try to solve a google captcha by issuing some queries and/or
using Google maps first, to see if this makes any difference. Usually
once you have the cookies for a session that solves a captcha, Google
does not make you solve another.

You could also install an addon to observe the requests your browser
uses in both non-Tor and Tor accesses of this gadget to see if the
requests appear different for some reason. That may help diagnose the

Mike Perry
Mad Computer Scientist evil labs
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