Gmail saying "cookies are turned off" but they are not

Praedor Atrebates praedor at
Wed Jan 12 15:49:25 UTC 2011

OK, great.  I hadn't run into this issue until very recently so had no reason to follow anything having to do with it.  Now the question is...where does one go to change this hidden setting?  Where is the hidden setting hidden?

On Wednesday, January 12, 2011 06:53:55 am you wrote:
> Thus spake Praedor Atrebates (praedor at
> > I am using my usual tor button + firefox to access a gmail account.
> > I have generally had no problems but lately I try to log in and get
> > a "cookies are turned off" and that I need to turn them on.  
> > 
> > Cookies are NOT turned off, they are set to be treated as session
> > cookies and they get wiped whenever I shut off firefox.  Perhaps
> > there is a setting hidden away somewhere that I can check, whether
> > in the tor button settings or firefox?  
> This is is a bug in Torbutton. It is caused by the hidden setting:
> extensions.torbutton.xfer_google_cookies.
> This setting was introduced to reduce the number of captchas that
> google presented, so that you would only have to solve a captcha once,
> instead of once per country code domain. It seems to be interfering
> with gmail logins when your country code changes.
> Setting this hidden pref to false in about:config will fix the issue
> for you. See ticket #2377 for info on patches/fixes:
> Also, please read the archives more closely. This was *just* discussed
> in a different thread.

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