Best Hidden Service web server?

Anders Andersson pipatron at
Sun Jan 9 10:44:04 UTC 2011

On Sun, Jan 9, 2011 at 7:37 AM,  <hikki at> wrote:
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> From: Orionjur Tor-admin <tor-admin at>
>> Is it a bad idea to use an apache for a hidden serice?
> Not at all. I'm actually recommending it over any other because it's complex
> and has a lot of traps for you to fall into. That sounds ridiculous right?
> No it isn't, because that will force you to learn it and secure it, instead
> of just relying on a simple and easy to use webserver without having any
> intention of learning anything about security. Security should be your main
> concern and main focus as a hidden service operator, not taking the easy
> route and then lay back and think that your safe just because you installed
> a simple and lightweight webserver.

So you are actually recommending a piece of software with thousands of
options with no real idea what the default will allow, 90% of which
the average home-hoster will not need and will thus not test. And this
over, say, some minimalistic 1000 LOC static-page server? And this for
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