"Cookie Mismatch" when using Gmail.

Mike Perry mikeperry at fscked.org
Sat Jan 8 22:25:09 UTC 2011

Thus spake Matthew (pumpkin at cotse.net):

> >    I login to Gmail as normal.  I go to Settings / Accounts and Import /
> >    Change Account Settings - Google Account Settings.  When I click on
> >    that link the URL changes to
> >    https://www.google.com/accounts/CookieMismatch and the screen shows.
> >
> >    We've detected a problem with your cookie settings.
> Vidalia + NoScript does not present any cookie issues.  I can access 
> Account Settings.  The problem is when TorButton is used.
> I then used TorButton's preferences to remove all the protections by 
> unticking as much as possible (effectively making TorButton worthless).  I 
> still get the same error!
> I rebooted and cleaned the cache and cookies and still I cannot access the 
> Account Settings aspect of Gmail.  It is as if TorButton per se is the 
> issue irrespective of any security settings it uses.
> In my Firefox cookie section I have cookies for mail.google.com that read: 
> GX, GXSP, gmailchat, TZ, GMAIL_AT, and S.
> Yet Gmail still claims that cookies are not installed.
> I did an about:cache and then searched for torbutton.  There were about 100 
> entries which include:
> extensions.torbutton.regen_google_cookies;false
> extensions.torbutton.reset_google_cookies;false
> extensions.torbutton.xfer_google_cookies;true

Try changing this last setting
(extensions.torbutton.xfer_google_cookies) to false. It is designed to
try to move your google cookies from one domain to another to avoid
requiring you to solve captchas for every google country domain.

It could be breaking something in the signon process, especially if
you get redirected to/from a country domain during login (by using a
german exit, for example).

Mike Perry
Mad Computer Scientist
fscked.org evil labs
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