[tor-talk] TBB on GNU and Windows

cgp 3cg cgp3cg at gmail.com
Sat Dec 31 02:16:07 UTC 2011

>> I realized that the tbb is behaving differently on GNU and Windows. In
>> Windows, one may start tbb before or after starting an instance of
>> Mozilla Firefox. In GNU, one may start tbb only after opening Firefox
>> first. If tbb is started and I attempt to start a fresh instance of
>> Firefox, it will launch another window of tbb.
> I've added "--no-remote" to my non-tor Firefoxes on OSX and
> Linuxes/FreeBSD to avoid the conflicts. Users call in with the same
> problems too.

This is the same when running more that one FF profile at any one
time, regardless of whether you're using Tor or not.

>> Is this difference intentional?
> I hope it isn't intentional, it makes using tbb with normal
> firefox a pain in the ass. You have to remember to start non-tor
> firefox first, and then TBB. Order of starting shouldn't matter.

Order doesn't matter for me, just remember to add the '--no-remote'.
TBB appears to do this for you - if you run strings over ./App/vidalia
you get in part:



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