[tor-talk] Exit/VPN payment and separation options

grarpamp grarpamp at gmail.com
Fri Dec 30 20:19:44 UTC 2011

> Without question you can find one that will respond very
> nicely to an "official" RFQ and a money order.
> The real hook is a single, annual payment, which will be impossible
> for them to resist.

True, RFQ puts you in control, and they love prepaid. Though putting
a year of funds at risk of a complaint is silly. Try three months.

> If you buy the MO from an
> actual bank, it will look very much like a cashiers check, etc.

And in the US, bank regs very much require your ID/acct/etc to get one.
We're all ears on banks that don't. Try the gas station, grocery, check
place if you want a MO.

> Alternatively, a pre-paid visa from somewhere like Simon malls, etc., works

Non in-country transactions may be denied along with other prepaid
curiosities such as Netflix denials. Read the fine print. Be prepared to spend
down any card buying groceries instead. I'm sure people would love to hear
success stories.

> The other end of the spectrum is a corporate front with an appointed agent,
> etc. - you can do this for less than $500, and then you can run everything
> under that.

Unless your under $500 means the $499.99 that every lawyer in the US seems
to charge to do the same fill in the template shuffle ;) You can file
your own with
the secretary. It's finding a service/someone to serve and sign as incorporator
and agent and who will inform and defer to you instead of rolling you
to the inquisitor
on the first inquiry. The $500 lawyer will usually get you that level
of protection
and professionalism. Be sure to look for one that has isp/hoster clients.

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