[tor-talk] Automatic vulnerability scanning of Tor Network?

Chris tmail299 at errtech.com
Wed Dec 28 05:16:16 UTC 2011

> I agree too with Sebastian, i was running a Exit Relay at home a couple
> years before i got some problems with autority but i has stoped to be
> exit and only a "non-exit" relay and from that i never had new
> problems.... I have 100 Mbits with no limit with the Traffic and it
> will be sad to not givin my bandwitch capacity for the network.. So
> ican offer a clean and great relay for Tor :-)

I'm curious. Is that asynchronous bandwidth? If it is what is your up
speed? You may not be contributing as much as you think. This is not to
say it isn't more than most people. In the USA most users have at most
25Mbps down and maximum up of 5mbps or so. I would bet most people really
don't have more than 1Mbps up in practice. 384-1Mbps is typical.

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