[tor-talk] Automatic vulnerability scanning of Tor Network?

John Case case at SDF.ORG
Tue Dec 27 06:03:17 UTC 2011

On Thu, 22 Dec 2011, Lee wrote:

>> While I totally get both sides of this argument *in theory*, all of this
>> sounds a lot to me like getting pissed off about someone ringing your
>> doorbell because they didn't mail you an opt-in form first.
> Nope.  The probes were annoying, but the killer was my all-in-one
> consumer grade router/nat/dhcp server/firewall leaking packets into
> what was supposed to be the secure part of my home network.

Ahhh, finally.

This is the Godwins law of tor-talk - all threads eventually lead to some 
moron running a relay from their home Internet connection.

To be fair, if we let the thread run long enough, I'll bet Mr. 
Do-Gooder-Port-Scanner is running from home, too.  Comedy from all 

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