[tor-talk] Did we decide about bad exits ? Where does bittorrent fall ?

intrigeri intrigeri at boum.org
Sun Dec 25 21:21:33 UTC 2011


Jacob Appelbaum wrote (16 Dec 2011 08:48:05 GMT) :
> I'm not clear that it will harm the network if Tails includes
> a BitTorrent client. I think that the harm comes when someone runs
> a few seeding boxes through Tor and doesn't bother to add any
> capacity to the network at all.
>> What do you think? Shall we include a (carefully audited) BitTorrent
>> client in Tails?
> I think that you should do so if only to ensure that Tails is
> need/intention complete.

I now tend to agree. Before we act on this I'd like to hear what other
members of the Tor project members about it, though.

There's no emergency anyway, since we would have to wait for the
results of your BT client audits before we decide which one we ship.

> Speaking of which - did you see my recent list of tails comments?
> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/4639

Sure we did. We're slowly discussing most of it and are preparing
answers (== todo++, asking for clarification, or explanation of why we
disagree) to every issue raised. However, we're currently prioritizing
the final bits of Tails 0.10 over this.

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