[tor-talk] browser with best privacy without using the Tor network

hmoh at Safe-mail.net hmoh at Safe-mail.net
Fri Dec 23 13:49:30 UTC 2011

Is it possible to adjust the Tor Browser for use without Tor?

I mean, I am not using Tor for all my browsing. That would be to slow and also waste Tor resources. For very basic non critical use I am using a normal firefox. I've done everything I found to tweak the privacy, to slow down data mining company's as good a possible on spying on me. (disable cookies on Firefox exit, plugins, deleting flash cookies, horrible long list goes on...)

My internet service provider has a big userbase and uses dynamic IP.

Still not sure if the left fingerprint is as minimal as possible. This won't protect me from government and similar but from data mining company's.

So what you'd recommend me? Tor Browser without Tor? Or some other browser tweaked for improved privacy?

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