[tor-talk] "If you have access to certain tools, you can completely ignore Tor."

Chris tmail299 at errtech.com
Thu Dec 22 13:19:02 UTC 2011

>> > if you send an e-mail to a non-webmail client (like Thunderbird) which
>> > does not go via Tor, then the IP can be determined when it loads the
>> 1x1
>> > HTML pixel from the website
>> Could you clarify the question?  As Phillip mentioned, Tbird can be
>> Torrified, but I've never been impressed or convinced that the methods
>> are fool proof by any means.
> This assumes that a non-webmail client loads external images. Kmail
> doesn't,
> unless you tell it to. By default it shows the plain text version of an
> email; if there isn't one, it shows HTML code. If you have an HTML-only
> message and want to see external images, you have to click once to render
> the
> email as HTML, then once to see the external images.

Not to mention if your firewall blocks all exiting traffic for the user
this attack will fail. At least with images. One with scripting may
succeed still.

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