[tor-talk] check.torproject.org outage 21 Dec 2011

andrew at torproject.org andrew at torproject.org
Thu Dec 22 12:31:58 UTC 2011

On Wed, Dec 21, 2011 at 06:42:47PM +0100, moritz at torservers.net wrote 1.0K bytes in 27 lines about:
: Is there anything that speaks against multiple check servers to
: avoid this in the future?

In general, no. Other than, the multiple check servers need to run by
very trusted people, as they see every TBB startup.

Specifically, the check codebase is getting replaced by torbel. Even
better is to get rid of the need to hit an external site at all. If TBB
could load up 99% of the check site locally, perhaps making a simple query
to check.tpo to receive an answer to 'tor or not', that would work
better. Best is if TBB never has to hit an external site to query anything
to determine 'tor or not'. Torora had some way to determine 'tor or not'
locally, and in a fairly reliable way.

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