[tor-talk] janusvm still safe?

Matej Kovacic matej.kovacic at owca.info
Thu Dec 22 09:31:36 UTC 2011


> I also routinely run TAILS as a VM.  In VirtualBox, after creating the
> VM, one can delete the hard disk and boot from the ISO file.  It's not
> an issue for me because the host (1) is under my control and (2) uses
> encrypted LVM.  I wouldn't otherwise run TAILS as a VM.
Exactly the same situation with me. I have encrypted LVM, host is under
my full control, it is firewalled, etc, and I am runnig TAILS in Virtualbox.
It is great, because I can use my ordinary applications and even
non-anonymized web browser, while I can easily switch to anonymized

The only problem is, I cannot copy-paste data from and to clipboards
between host and TAILS.

bye, Matej

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