[tor-talk] How can I select a specific exit node?

grarpamp grarpamp at gmail.com
Mon Dec 19 09:24:51 UTC 2011

> AllowDotExit 1
> After that you can connect to any address like this
> http://google.com.EXITNODENAME.exit/

Just FYI... this will not work for https. It is a dirty hack for anywhere
you would put a domain or IP.

MAPADDRESS is your general use mapping tool that will work
for all sorts of things. But you have to know some things too...

.exit also only works for one host, not the rest of the embedded
server farm commonly returned in a web page. New versions
of Tor allow handy MAPADDRESS wildcarding of domains for this.

(There should probably be a vidalia/torcontrol form for MAP mgt.)

Beware of webpages or other protocols that return
actionable IP addresses instead of domain names.
An enhancement bug has been filed to allow handy
MAPADDRESS CIDR block wildcarding of IP addresses.

There are also gotchas/races related to this that come
up when IP maps are autocreated (from domains) and/or
time out. I forget what they were. It's on the list somewhere.

Tamper Data is your friend.

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