[tor-talk] New arm version doesn't show connections

Damian Johnson atagar1 at gmail.com
Sat Dec 17 21:14:27 UTC 2011

> The resolver dump is working for proc, netstat and lsof (root and debian-tor). I had to run the script with LANG=C, or it would not work in my German locale. But running arm with LANG=C does not change the problem.

Hi Stephan. In your case this definitely sounds unrelated to the tor
change. When you mentioned that the connection page is blank is it
completely empty or just missing the inbound/outbound connections?

For debugging the next step would be to run arm as "arm --debug" for a
minute or so, then please send me the file created at '~/.arm/log'
(stripped of anything you consider to be private, of course).

Sorry that arm's giving you difficulties! -Damian

PS. A little more information about the tor ptrace thing. Tor is
setting PR_SET_DUMPABLE to zero which changes the /proc/<pid>/fd
dr-x------ 2 root   root   0 2011-12-17 12:02 fd

This breaks connection resolution via directly querying proc contents
(since we can't get the socket file descriptor -> inode mappings). It
also causes lsof to be missing tor results.

As for other resolvers like netstat and ss, they still show tor's
connection results but they're missing the PID/process name
information. For instance, here's a result for arm followed by one for

atagar at morrigan:~/Desktop/arm$ netstat -np
tcp        0      0
tcp        0      0

atagar at morrigan:~/Desktop/arm$ ss -nptu
Netid  State      Recv-Q Send-Q               Local Address:Port
          Peer Address:Port
tcp    ESTAB      0      0              
tcp    ESTAB      0      0            

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