[tor-talk] Tor Browser Bundle Default settings

Achter Lieber zzretro999 at email2me.net
Sat Dec 17 08:31:32 UTC 2011

 I've asked this question before but this rankled me one more time.
 The only good thing I find in this is that for the first time ever (I think)
 I get to use the word "rankled".
 Here is a quote in one post here:

 "Have you installed the Tor Browser Bundle? (TBB) It contains a (limited) preconfigured Tor environment
 (you need to reconfigure the included Noscript properly as by default it is set to allow everything, which is bad)

 So, why would Tor be shipped out with that as a default setting and never mentioned by the Tor developers?

 I think in another post there was caution to not toy with the about:config in FFox yet somehow I am led to
 believe they are set for safety and anonymity by whom?, the developers who don't mention that some DO NEED to be

 I have mentioned several times now that the new versions I download always have JScript, and Cookies enabled, so I check them
 every time, first time out. And now I find NoScript, which I do not like and don't trust as it is too confusing for me, set to
 ALLOW EVERYTHING!! Something just "feels amiss" to me and I don't like that.

 Now, perhaps I have missed something or misunderstood something else, and that is entirely possible. (More than likely)
 If that is what has happened, someone please set me right and clear about what it is.

 When I used Tor some years ago, I reset many configs and double checked their worthiness with Tor developers and then with
 a newer version, checked myself to see how they matched up with the settings in the Bundle.

 My original search and resetting configs, matched most but not all, of those config settings in the downloaded bundle version,
 but I cannot help but ask again, why are those default settings that risk anon and safety, set that way? That means I am right out
 of the chute into the sh_t.

 By the way, couldn't help but notice the other day, that another American got in trouble for telling the truth. A pro athelete who said on the air that Santa didn't exist. What a country!

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