[tor-talk] Tor experiments with IPv6

Eugen Leitl eugen at leitl.org
Fri Dec 16 19:27:07 UTC 2011


Tor experiments with IPv6

With the alpha version of Tor, the anonymity software, Tor clients
can now connect to private bridges using IPv6. According to the announcement
on the Tor blog, when using IPv6, bridges still need at least one IPv4
address, as they would otherwise lose contact with other nodes in the Tor
network. On the Tor Developer mailing list, Linus Nordberg describes how to
set the necessary options on a Tor bridge for IPv6 operation.

In addition, the Tor developers have created the "DisableNetwork"
configuration option and a "tor2web" mode which enables clients to connect to
hidden services without anonymity and is likely to improve connection
performance; however, to avoid possible mistakes, the latter feature can only
be turned on at compile time. With "DisableNetwork" turned on, Tor is
prevented from launching or accepting any connections other than on a control
port. This feature can also be used by software such as Orbot (the Tor
implementation for Android) as a means of saving power. Further details about
the new features can be found on the Tor blog and the Developer Forum. Source
code for Tor is available to download under the terms of the BSD licence.

See also:

    Native C port of Tor for Android, a report from The H.


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