[tor-talk] Tor Browser Bundle w Linux Packaging & TAILS improvements/new distribution

Andrew Lewman andrew at torproject.org
Tue Dec 13 14:52:03 UTC 2011

On Mon, 12 Dec 2011 22:34:03 -0500
"Chris" <tmail299 at errtech.com> wrote:
> While I would not suggest eliminating the tarball completely as there
> is more to the world than just debian I do think the manual
> installation is cumbersome and risky for the user. It make no sense
> to recommend manual installation when there is a better system that
> is already being used.

There is no installation of TBB, there is only unzip/untar and run,
preferably in the user's homedir. Please open an enhancement ticket and
provide scripts to convert tbb into a deb/rpm and correctly do this if
you are convinced a repo is a valid distribution method.

> It has been mentioned elsewhere that the project needs other
> distribution methods to help get Tor into countries where it is
> banned. Here is a perfectly good one. Especially if it ended up in
> debians main repository.

And tor is blocked in these countries, even in the repositories. Your
tcp connection will be reset if you try to install tor in China from a
debian repo. You will not find Tor in the Chinese mirrors of the debian
repos. At least, this is the experience of the people I've worked with,
and my own, when trying to setup tor from either freebsd or debian shell
servers inside China. deb.torproject.org is blocked in a few countries
as well.

Local repositories are not used to circumvent national policies, but
rather enforce them.

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