[tor-talk] New to List

Erich Kroener svenska990 at mailworks.org
Sun Dec 11 20:15:18 UTC 2011

I am new to the mailing list but using Tor for awhile now. First, cheers
to the developers - this service is great!

After reading in a great many FAQs, wikimedia pages, and so on - I am
still bit worried about local DNS being revealed.

Here is my set-up and what I have done: Running v., Linux/Ubuntu
environ, Firefox of course with network.proxy.sock 'true' - all traffic
goes through SOCKS5. Connecting to network no problem.

Added "TestgSocks 1" to torrc file to see log output, followed from


I am not seeing warnings, just not convinced no DNS leaking. Also even
though added to torrc, not getting anything to test in the logs. Every
time I access .onion sites browser times out.

Any helpful next steps? How can I be sure?

I first posted this question to tor-qa but it appears that nobody
subscribes to this list. 
Apologies if this is incorrect list and please point me in the right
direction if so.

  Erich Kroener
  svenska990 at mailworks.org

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