[tor-talk] Tor is out

Jim jimmymac at copper.net
Fri Dec 9 22:36:17 UTC 2011

Roger Dingledine wrote:

>   o Minor features (new/different config options):


>     - Slightly change behavior of "list" options (that is, config
>       options that can appear more than once) when they appear both in
>       torrc and on the command line. Previously, the command-line options
>       would be appended to the ones from torrc. Now, the command-line
>       options override the torrc options entirely. This new behavior
>       allows the user to override list options (like exit policies and
>       ports to listen on) from the command line, rather than simply
>       appending to the list.
>     - You can get the old (appending) command-line behavior for "list"
>       options by prefixing the option name with a "+".
>     - You can remove all the values for a "list" option from the command
>       line without adding any new ones by prefixing the option name
>       with a "/".

Just a thought for your consideration ...

I am wondering if this follows the principle of least surprise, at
least with regard to logging.  I was initially baffled why this release
was not logging anything to the system log and thought it to be a bug.
I then realized that the config file's "Log notice syslog" had been
disabled by the command line's --log "notice stdout", which I was piping
to a script.  Expected behavior returned when I changed --log to --+log.

Also, as best I can figure out, this change is not reflected in the man
page (revised Dec 8, 2011).  In addition to skimming the man page, I
searched for both "+" and "plus".

Best regards,

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