[tor-talk] [liberationtech] Not another Haystack right?

grarpamp grarpamp at gmail.com
Thu Dec 8 02:05:45 UTC 2011

> I however, browse breadth-first.

Ditto. And even new windows for similar clusters of tabs.

> Does this mean we should consider altering Tor Browser's default
> behaviors?

Unless it's a privacy/identity enhancement, I'd leave the UI experience
to the user's whim.

I think torproject is making it's own FF distro? If so, I'd include a doc
that details the changes between it and its current FF parent version
so users can compare or further tinker with changesets.

Two more off topics...

Make the ctrl-shift-del kill everything now function also be a button
on the toolbar. And make both have an option to not require the
popup ack, and perhaps also make a status bar icon flash when done.

Make the toolbar and browser structure background colors, sliders, tabs
etc easily changeable (or doc'd) as a unit. So people running multiple
processes (profiles) can color them red-phone, green-phone, black-phone,
etc for more foot shooting safety.

> Link prefetching is a related idea, but it can be fragile and come
> with privacy and linkability risk, once you start prefetching across
> multiple arbitrary domains automatically without proper identifier
> and cache(!) isolation.

I'd skip it, for that and bandwidth reasons. ie: akin to multi tab
consumption, with only one tab being the one you want. Better to
include squid if the browser cache isn't sufficient. I don't know.

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