[tor-talk] 2 ways to boost Tor by Tor2web additions

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Tue Dec 6 09:34:26 UTC 2011

On 06/12/11 00:33, Jago Pearce wrote:

>  I think it would be great if it was easier to setup a mirror of an onion site.
> I want to make an onion site but I know my 90% of this particular
> audience won´t be installing tor to view sites.
> So what I think would be a good idea would be to be able to:
> 1) more easily  mirror an onion site to the web like tor2web but only
> for one site.  This way the onion site is acting a bit like a master
> backup and then we can quickly roll out another mirror forwarding to
> the onion site. This seems much more accessible to me.

It sounds like you just want to set up a reverse proxy. Apache can do
this with mod_proxy. You could also use mod_cache so that content which
doesn't change regularly can sit on the proxy without having to be
re-requested over Tor each time.

> 2) provide a passworded (premium?) access to a tor2web like service.
> At the moment I am writing from an internet cafe and so getting tor
> working here would not be easy. I don´t need much anonomity, just want
> to be able to read an onion site that isn´t available any other way.

I don't see the point of this? tor2web.org already does that, but is
free and doesn't require a password...

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