[tor-talk] How important is it that the MyFamily option be set correctly?

Pascal Pascal666 at Users.SourceForge.Net
Tue Dec 6 00:36:09 UTC 2011

Actually, your servers were the ones that got me looking in the first 
place.  Based upon reverse dns (which the Perl script doesn't use) it 
appears saeed and hazare are both your servers and are both missing from 
your other servers.  raskin especially seems to be missing a lot of 
servers in your family.

Note that it does not hurt a server to have itself listed in MyFamily. 
The easiest way to maintain this line is to make a list of all your 
servers and paste that line verbatim on all of your servers.


On 12/5/2011 6:21 PM, Moritz Bartl wrote:
> Torservers.net<support .AT. torservers .DOT. net>  should add
> f293e538a265c4ea40ef95c04bf9e010c8107831 (pttor1)
> 0b88f1b7428aa751f8071ca6ac63ba5d92aa3819 (FreedomserversUS)
> e11751944f4ed67f42ae7c900d5517895d9114ed (RapeHerToDeath)
> (..)
> These are not ours. Looks like some people use our (public) config file
> and didn't change the contact setting...
> But you caught a valid node I forgot to include, thanks for that!
> On 05.12.2011 23:17, Pascal wrote:
>> Removing relays in the same /16 leaves me with 120.  Matching contact
>> strings based solely on alphanumeric characters adds 4.  Adding a
>> unidirectional association check brings me up to 142.  Adding a search
>> for similarly named relays (such as Pascal0 and Pascal1) brings the
>> total to 171.  Keep in mind there are probably some listed in here that
>> are not really related.
>> I have posted the script and its output at
>> -Pascal

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