[tor-talk] [liberationtech] Not another Haystack right?

E483FFF6 gozu at xerobank.net
Sat Dec 3 02:08:59 UTC 2011

On 02/12/11 22:47, Andrew wrote:

> I've spent a lot of time working on issues with Syria lately,
> the universal report is that tor is terrible slow, they can't
> use tails because it takes too long to download/ is blocked,
> and their data might leak if if they use Tor, so using a VPN
> with some precautions taken is much more appetizing.

Responding to criticism about cooperating with the US investigation of
LulzSec, HideMyAss said: "Regarding censorship bypassing, some have
stated it is hypocritical for us to claim we do not allow illegal
activity, and then claim our service is used in some countries to bypass
censorship illegally. Again we follow UK law, there isn’t a law that
prohibits the use of Egyptians gaining access to blocked websites such
as Twitter, even if there is one in Egypt … though there are certainly
laws regarding the hacking of government and corporate systems."  See

One precaution might be to choose VPN services in jurisdictions
unfriendly to your own.  Perhaps Russian VPN services would more likely
cooperate with Syria?  Would US ones be less likely?

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