[tor-talk] Ways of tor-anonymizing of "Nokia n900"

James Brown jbrownfirst at gmail.com
Thu Apr 28 11:07:43 UTC 2011

1) There are a simple way to do it discribed on the torproject site:
But this way is not doog: it is impossible to install the TB in the
MicroB browser and all sites can see OS and other information about client.
The next, that applet is not immediatly from repositories of the
torfroject and uses old versions of the stable Tor, not the latest.
Furtherinmore, if the tor-client is dicconnected by any reason that
browser connects diretly without any warning.
2) The next way is using the easy-debian package and install the Tor in
the debian system working under `chroot`.
Now I intend to try it and after trying I will inform the community.
3) And the bettest way - as I think - as the using transparent
torification, but it probably unworkable.
As we can read here:
"Transparent proxying is not possible with the default N900 kernels at
this time".
I use now an advanced kernel and I have the "nat" table in my iptables.
I have too the utility `useradd` in my maemo-system, so I can create
another user for transparent torifying.
But I don't know is it possible to start another X11 or to use gksu for
X11-applications on my device?
Have anybody a good experience with transparent torifying of such devices?

The device - Nokia n900
OS - Maemo 5.0.

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