[tor-talk] no country flags in Vidalia 2.10

Joe Btfsplk joebtfsplk at gmx.com
Wed Apr 27 18:41:08 UTC 2011

Never really payed much attention to country flags in Tor Network map - 
in Vidalia 2.10 or earlier versions.  But, they don't show up when 
running Tor under my limited (Vista) acct.

I figured out by looking at the error / message log, that Tor / Vidalia 
* "couldn't find the "geoip" file" * in the path C:\users\<limited user 
acct name>\app data\roaming\tor
because it didn't CREATE the geoip file in the limited user's 
...\roaming\tor folder.  It DID create the geoip file in the admin acct, 
in the path mentioned, but that doesn't help unless you run Tor from the 
admin acct (generally not a good idea to user admin accts for internet).

Is this a bug in Tor installer?  If I copy the geoip file from admin 
acct to user acct path, the country flags show just fine, running Tor in 
a user acct.  But, it shouldn't have to be done manually.
I'm using bundle 2.1.29 / 2.10 - don't know if this issue is fixed in 
latest Vidalia bundle.

When installing Tor (any prgm) from a limited user acct, Vista of course 
asks for an admin PW.  But, most prgms install the necessary files to 
function in the user's acct, so the prgm can access them when later 
running the prgm from that user acct.  Windows / the prgm installer 
recognizes which limited user acct is being used when prgm is 
installed.  Many ask is you want to install the prgm for this (limited) 
user, or all users.  Tor doesn't ask, AFAIK.

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