[tor-talk] Please, unlock the Tor-net

Kraktus kraktus at googlemail.com
Sat Apr 23 12:56:37 UTC 2011

Demanding won't do any good. It's their website, their right to block
access from anonymous proxies if they want. That is, unless you can
make a convincing argument that blocking Tor somehow discriminates on
the basis of race/religion/gender/disability/other protected status.
Which I doubt. Perhaps you could tell them that it makes it harder for
the Chinese to access their website, but only if China actually blocks
Livejournal. Plus, I doubt that would be much of a legal argument, so
that would have to be phrased as a polite request, not a demand.

Their reason is probably that some annoying person or persons used Tor
to do annoying things on their website, and they have a negative view
of Tor as a result. Don't add to that prejudice by being excessively

On 20/04/2011, Orionjur Tor-admin <tor-admin at orionjurinform.com> wrote:
> Last times I very often have problems with using the Tor with the
> LiveJournal.
> The LJ team blocks fastest exit-nodes of the Tor such as "blutimage", as
> I think, without any reasons:
>> SCIMqZyWwU3jHJ7 @
> I demand from them to unlock those exit-nodes!
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