[tor-talk] To Toggle, or not to Toggle: The End of Torbutton

Joe Btfsplk joebtfsplk at gmx.com
Thu Apr 21 21:50:17 UTC 2011

On 4/21/2011 1:22 PM, Kraktus wrote:
> Well, if I had an 8-core machine with 4+GB RAM, or even a single-core
> machine with over 1 GHz and at least 1GB RAM, I'd probably have four
> browser profiles for Firefox alone: ...
> However, seeing has how my computer is single core, less than 1 GHz,
> and has less than 1GB RAM, running one instance of a modern browser is
> hard enough on the poor thing.
Don't know if you were replying to the earlier post (that I wasn't sure 
if he wanted to install 2 versions of FX on his machine).

Why would you want to run several instances of Firefox - 
SIMULTANEOUSLY?  When I said it was easy to install multiple versions, 
or multiple instances of same version, didn't expect users would be 
running them at the same time.  If you are short on RAM / CPU & want 
different VERSIONS, of course have to install them in diff folders, & 
set them to use diff profiles (if desired).  But, other than needing to 
switch between running installations for a specific purpose, no need to 
have them running simultaneously.  Run one & when thru w/it, shut it 
down & start the other.

I believe you can also run simultaneous instances of same FX version 
(most likely using different specified profiles).  Typically, one 
install will be the default.  Others can be started using specific 
profiles by adding the profile name (or full path incl profile name) in 
the shortcut target box, after the path & executable.  Like after 
C:\......\firefox.exe" -p myprofile4-21-11 -no-remote

This assumes the profile name is already entered properly (or created) 
in Firefox's profile.ini file.  You can create a new profile name using 
the profile manager.  The firefox 4 [beta profile mgr] (not yet incl w/ 
the setup) has more options than one w/ FX v3.x.  I've used it - had a 
couple minor issues, but over all, allows specifying which installed 
version will use which profile.

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