[tor-talk] [project] Update sdfetch anyone?

grarpamp grarpamp at gmail.com
Mon Apr 18 07:26:04 UTC 2011

Played with sdfetch a while back, quit it due to being busy.
Thought it would be useful for checking the status of onions
without regard to the userland port/protocol/daemon behind tor.
And in general, dumping the entire contents of any SD in plain text.
It's part of the tor-crypt package by bebop, both now apparently defunct.
For a full dump, the intro points need fingerprints, directories too, etc.
Any takers?

The package was made for tor- and resides here:
key: TpyBEEUJZreEtvuk93YYktcS5ioPFZYoQCD

Info from 5+ years ago for the curious...

sdfetch.c - downloads and parses service descriptors

This one allows you to download a hidden service's descriptor ( = public key
plus other useful information) from the hardcoded directory servers (moria1,
moria2 and tor26). It can be used to debug why a service is not available or
to obtain it's public key. You should torify it if you do not want others to
know about your plans to connect to the service. Read rend-spec.txt for more

>> download ORC's service descriptor:

$ socksify ./sdfetch 3d2et7ek4jjhnv3k
Got valid service descriptor (291 bytes) from <moria1>
version/pro:  [0 / 0]
last-update:  Sun Nov 20 15:46:21 2005
sha1-digest:  3d2et7ek4jjhnv3krspnhb67bkte733v
fingerprint:  D8F4 49FC 8AE2 5276 D76A 8C9E D387 DF0A A64F EF75
intropoints:  3 (nd47, Patra, nbx)


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