[tor-talk] Will TOR interfere with anything on my dell laptopwith Windows?

cluelessboston at Safe-mail.net cluelessboston at Safe-mail.net
Mon Apr 18 00:06:30 UTC 2011

Thanks for the info.  Does it only work with Firefox?  Can I use it with Internet Explorer?

Thanks in advance.

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> On 04.04.2011 19:58, cluelessboston at Safe-mail.net wrote:
> > I need to get TOR in able to see a certain website(s).  I'm nervous about installing it as I don't want it to interfere with my other existing programs and my windows operating system etc.....  does anyone know if this will be seamless?
> > 
> > THanks in advance!
> Yes. You can choose to download the "portable" Tor Browser Bundle. Or
> you can even install the Vidalia bundle, and all it will do is add the
> Torbutton extension to your Firefox. The rest will stay untouched, and
> you can remove it any time.
> Each application you want to use with Tor needs to be configured to use
> it. Many applications can use Tor as a SOCKS proxy properly, but many
> others can not. If you want to use Tor just for websites, all you have
> to do is install the Vidalia bundle (and enable Torbutton in Firefox).
> It is probably good to set up a separate Firefox profile for Tor.
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