[tor-talk] Tor is out

Roger Dingledine arma at mit.edu
Sun Apr 17 04:18:04 UTC 2011

Tor fixes a variety of bugs, including a big bug that
prevented Tor clients from effectively using "multihomed" bridges,
that is, bridges that listen on multiple ports or IP addresses so users
can continue to use some of their addresses even if others get blocked.


Changes in version - 2011-04-08
  o Major bugfixes:
    - Fix a bug where bridge users who configure the non-canonical
      address of a bridge automatically switch to its canonical
      address. If a bridge listens at more than one address, it should be
      able to advertise those addresses independently and any non-blocked
      addresses should continue to work. Bugfix on Tor 0.2.0.x. Fixes
      bug 2510.
    - If you configured Tor to use bridge A, and then quit and
      configured Tor to use bridge B instead, it would happily continue
      to use bridge A if it's still reachable. While this behavior is
      a feature if your goal is connectivity, in some scenarios it's a
      dangerous bug. Bugfix on Tor; fixes bug 2511.
    - Directory authorities now use data collected from their own
      uptime observations when choosing whether to assign the HSDir flag
      to relays, instead of trusting the uptime value the relay reports in
      its descriptor. This change helps prevent an attack where a small
      set of nodes with frequently-changing identity keys can blackhole
      a hidden service. (Only authorities need upgrade; others will be
      fine once they do.) Bugfix on; fixes bug 2709.

  o Minor bugfixes:
    - When we restart our relay, we might get a successful connection
      from the outside before we've started our reachability tests,
      triggering a warning: "ORPort found reachable, but I have no
      routerinfo yet. Failing to inform controller of success." This
      bug was harmless unless Tor is running under a controller
      like Vidalia, in which case the controller would never get a
      REACHABILITY_SUCCEEDED status event. Bugfix on;
      fixes bug 1172.
    - Make directory authorities more accurate at recording when
      relays that have failed several reachability tests became
      unreachable, so we can provide more accuracy at assigning Stable,
      Guard, HSDir, etc flags. Bugfix on Resolves bug 2716.
    - Fix an issue that prevented static linking of libevent on
      some platforms (notably Linux). Fixes bug 2698; bugfix on
      versions (the versions introducing
      the --with-static-libevent configure option).
    - We now ask the other side of a stream (the client or the exit)
      for more data on that stream when the amount of queued data on
      that stream dips low enough. Previously, we wouldn't ask the
      other side for more data until either it sent us more data (which
      it wasn't supposed to do if it had exhausted its window!) or we
      had completely flushed all our queued data. This flow control fix
      should improve throughput. Fixes bug 2756; bugfix on the earliest
      released versions of Tor (svn commit r152).
    - Avoid a double-mark-for-free warning when failing to attach a
      transparent proxy connection. (We thought we had fixed this in, but it turns out our fix was checking the wrong
      connection.) Fixes bug 2757; bugfix on (the original
      bug) and (the incorrect fix).
    - When warning about missing zlib development packages during compile,
      give the correct package names. Bugfix on

  o Minor features:
    - Directory authorities now log the source of a rejected POSTed v3
      networkstatus vote.
    - Make compilation with clang possible when using
      --enable-gcc-warnings by removing two warning optionss that clang
      hasn't implemented yet and by fixing a few warnings. Implements
      ticket 2696.
    - When expiring circuits, use microsecond timers rather than
      one-second timers. This can avoid an unpleasant situation where a
      circuit is launched near the end of one second and expired right
      near the beginning of the next, and prevent fluctuations in circuit
      timeout values.
    - Use computed circuit-build timeouts to decide when to launch
      parallel introduction circuits for hidden services. (Previously,
      we would retry after 15 seconds.)
    - Update to the April 1 2011 Maxmind GeoLite Country database.

  o Packaging fixes:
    - Create the /var/run/tor directory on startup on OpenSUSE if it is
      not already created. Patch from Andreas Stieger. Fixes bug 2573.

  o Documentation changes:
    - Modernize the doxygen configuration file slightly. Fixes bug 2707.
    - Resolve all doxygen warnings except those for missing documentation.
      Fixes bug 2705.
    - Add doxygen documentation for more functions, fields, and types.

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