[tor-talk] To Toggle, or not to Toggle: The End of Torbutton

Orionjur Tor-admin tor-admin at orionjurinform.com
Tue Apr 12 05:49:10 UTC 2011

On 12.04.2011 04:11, Jim wrote:
> Mike Perry wrote:
>> I think we should completely
>> do away with the toggle model, as well as the entire idea of Torbutton
>> as a separate piece of user-facing software, and rely solely on the
>> Tor Browser Bundles, except perhaps with the addition of standalone
>> Tor+Vidalia binaries for use by experts and relay operators.
>>  [Snip]
>> So can anyone bring up any specific issues that may be caused by the
>> change?
>> We are collecting these issues as child tickets of this bug:
>> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/2880
>> As an aside, we also are collecting a similar set of issues for the
>> removal of an HTTP proxy entirely from the tor distribution:
>> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/2844
> My normal use case is to run Tor on a computer different from the
> computer which is running the browser.  I then use ssh to either tunnel
> the HTTP proxy connection to an instance of Privoxy running on the same
> computer that is running Tor or I tunnel the output from Privoxy on the
> computer running the browser to port 9050 on the computer running Tor.
> (I use both methods depending on which computer I am browsing from.)  I
> have not yet figured out how your proposal effects these use cases.
> Should I decide to add entries to the tracker, does one have to register
> to do so?
> Jim
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My normal using of Tor is running iceweales and other applications
starting through gksu under transparently-torified user.
When I use iceweales (3.5.16, from distr Debian Squeeze) I use the TB
(ealier - 1.2.5, now - 1.3.2alpha).
I use another browser for browsing the Net without Tor.
I use ssh and etc. services directly form command-line belonging
transparently-torified users without any http-proxies, torsocks and etc.
It thinks to me that it is a good idea to distribute own tor browser but
I cannot find the stable version of Tor Browser Bundle on the Torprokect

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