[tor-talk] TB for Win

Greg Kalitnikoff kalitnikoff at privatdemail.net
Sat Apr 9 09:50:24 UTC 2011

On Fri, 8 Apr 2011 17:29:17 -0700
Mike Perry <mikeperry at fscked.org> wrote:

> Thus spake Greg Kalitnikoff (kalitnikoff at privatdemail.net):
> > Hi! When will TorBrowser with Firefox 4 for Windows be released? Tired
> > of waiting :)
> So are we. FF4 offers a ton of awesomeness that we want to leverage.
> For example, HTML5 allows youtube to work over Tor! (If you opt-in and
> set your useragent right):
> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/2832
> But it is a lot of work. Every new Firefox release requires a ton of
> addon API updates and auditing, and FF4 was a beast of a release in
> this respect. We've done the API updates (Torbutton 1.3.2-alpha) but
> we still need to do more auditing.
> We're also planning on changing our release structure for Firefox 4.
> We will very likely be maintaining our own (hopefully small) set of
> patches against Firefox 4 and shipping Tor Browser Bundle as our only
> supported platform, and discouraging the advanced tor packages and
> Torbutton+OS Firefox setups (and removing or unrecommending Torbutton
> on addons.mozilla.org). This also means that we need to sink a bunch
> of effort into making sure Tor Browser Bundle is a working solution
> for people on every platform.
> So we're not sure exactly when all of this will be ready, but we're
> working as hard as we can to make it ASAP.

Hi Mike! Thanks for reply! I suspected the answer will be just like what
you told.

One more off-topic question. Why not QtWeb? It`s not
like "replace Firefox with QtWeb immediately", but "why not to pay
attention to something else, maybe less problematic and secure and
simple". I suppose that you in-development-depth guys already have some
thoughts about it.  Thanks.

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