[tor-talk] Google disable web-access to gmail for Tor-users?

Joe Btfsplk joebtfsplk at gmx.com
Thu Apr 7 14:40:31 UTC 2011

On 4/6/2011 7:27 PM, grarpamp wrote:
>> Don't understand clinging to Gmail for dear life.
> They just happen to have some really good services and tie-ins that
> all rely on having a gmail/google account. I may just cough up $20
> for a disposable phone to get that.
> If someday the services really become a real world value to me,
> sure, I'd get another phone or use my own, no problem :)
> _______________________________________________
If I understand some Tor users' reasoning, they want to use Tor w/ email 
for various privacy reasons AND they want to use "really good services & 
tie-ins" at the same time?
Plus, some are concerned about having huge email storage while using 
Tor?  Uh, not sure I understand that.  I must be missing something.  You 
do know anything stored on their servers isn't private?  My questions 
here are sincere - trying to learn - why use Tor & email (? on everyday 
basis ?) AND Gmail?

Presumably, the email contents would only be hidden from ISPs - or 
perhaps prevented from being intercepted.  The weakest link in chain is 
everything is exposed to Google.  Maybe I'll learn something about 
privacy / security by meaningful input why Tor + Gmail are so 
important.  No offense, but I don't consider "really good services"  or 
storage, etc., priorities when using Tor (if I was going to use it w/ 

In some respects, if using Gmail, you may as well take out a front page 
ad on NY Times.

So why the concern for certain features (vs basic email service) AND Tor 
compatibility?  Why not use another provider w/ Tor, and a diff one 
(Gmail, if you insist) for everyday email?

What are a few of the reasons for using Tor w/ email, where it's not 
just as easy to use another Tor friendly provider?  IMHO, the "brand 
recognition" issue, especially when using Tor, doesn't make sense.  If 
you want privacy, Gmail or anything remotely connected to Google isn't 
the place to be.  Not an opinion - well documented over yrs.  It's like 
saying, how can I stick my head in a lion's mouth w/o getting bitten?  
How about not sticking it in at all?

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