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Paul Menzel paulepanter at
Thu Mar 4 13:18:59 UTC 2010

Dear Tor folks,

in [1] option two instructs to use packages from [2]. This gives me
currently version and is as far as I can see based
on the version in Debian Sid/unstable and in `changelog.Debian.gz`
release is set to `lenny-backport`.

Looking at the available packages in the Debian repository [3] there is
also a package for Debian Lenny in [4], which is currently version

The maintainer is the same person.

It looks like using [2] gives you more up-to-date packages. I do not
know if it is hard to update the ones in [4].

I guess I am just confused because I read `backports-lenny` in the
changelog of [2] and I did not find packages for although
reading [5] but which seems just to apply to RPM packages.

So I will use the Tor packages from [2] if no one else says otherwise.



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