Anti-Virus software for windows server

krishna e bera keb at
Sun Mar 21 17:20:40 UTC 2010

Though the comic makes a good point,
some people are coerced by circumstances into running such software.

There is Free virus scanner called clamwin
but it can only scan and remove, it does not block activity.
Since Windows Server users have money for licenses
most "security" software companies have products for them:

Note that Microsoft recommends not to scan various files:
(I have seen updates fail due to automatically acting on false positives.)

On Sun, Mar 21, 2010 at 12:35:54PM -0400, Flamsmark wrote:
>    [1]
>    If you administer your server in a reasonable way, you shouldn't need any
>    antivirus software.
>    On 21 March 2010 12:19, Jon <[2][3]> wrote:
>      Seems to me I saw in one of the messages awhile back about anti-virus
>      software for servers. I cant seem to locate it in the archives. What
>      anti-virus programs are being used for windows servers?
>      Specifically, win 2003 or win 2008 ?
>      Thanks.
>      Jon
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