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When I click onVidalia/Tor to connect, I usually watch the message log as it does so. In thepast, it would go through all the handshakes, etc. lots of information andsuch, etc. but now or maybe just lately, it connects rather quickly and themessage log only lists this:
Notice   Tor v0.2.1.24 This is experimental software.Do not rely.......
Notice   Initialized libevent version.....
Notice   Opening Socks listener on.......
Notice   Opening Control listener on......
It doesn't mention handshakes,bootstrapping, the number of circuits available, connecting comments or apercentage of what is needed nor the "I have enough to build acircuit" and have done so.
In Message Log, Basicit only says, The Tor Software is running.
Nothing about "Ican now configure apps to surf the internet.
Is this variation in theMessage Log information normal, safe and generally ok?

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