Tor v0.2.1.23 dose not work in my windowsXP box and Tor v0.2.1.24 can not work in my Debain

Peng Zhou zpbrent at
Mon Mar 1 05:11:33 UTC 2010

OK, I am saying sorry to my mistakes and promise to not do such issue again

Best Regards

2010/2/28 Scott Bennett <bennett at>

>     On Sun, 28 Feb 2010 19:07:39 +0800 Peng Zhou <zpbrent at>
> top-posted (again):
> >I am sorry for my mistake to show up the bridge ip in the unsecure mail
> >list, and I can take care co it in the future :-)
> >
> >Fortunately, the Bridge IP I have showed up is directly from https://
> >, every one can surf the wewbsite to get the ip
> >directly, that is to say, this leak is just for a public bridge, I hope my
> >mistake can just make a little hurt to the Tor. network because it is just
> a
> >public bridge
>     When you read the documentation and the tor project's web pages, did
> you
> bother to think about what you read *at all*?  There is *no such thing* as
> a
> "public" bridge.  Period.  Why do you think the bridge addresses and key
> fingerprints are only given out three to a customer instead of the entire
> list being on display?  That is the whole point of the bridge system:
>  unlike
> the usual tor routers that are listed in the publicly available directory,
> the
> bridge routers are *unlisted*.  If they were listed, they would be the same
> as the usual routers.  Why do you think they are unlisted?  It's so that
> there
> is no downloadable list for censoring states to block.
>     It's frightening that tor is, in the words of the immortal Boris
> Badenov,
> foolproof, but *not* idiotproof.
> >
> >Sorry to every one who use Tor. :-)
> >
>     Whatever.  Maybe someday you'll understand what anonymity is about, but
> you haven't yet shown any sign of it.
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