Is JanusVM open source?

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Answers inline.

On Fri, Jun 18, 2010 at 7:16 PM, judaiko judaiko <siriu81ysw at>wrote:

> In Vidalia there is a GUI known as "View the Network"; In that you can see
> all the nodes you are connected to i.e. Entry Node, Middle Node, and Exit
> Node.
There is no such option in JanusVM.

> You can also see all the connections passing through the Tor like
> (under the nodes that the current connections are
> passing through).
> Is there a way to see this information in JanusVM?
> In a shell, run: netstat -tu

I want to run some Socks program like FreeCap or something after the
> TOR...but I want to make sure the Socks connections are going through TOR
> and not directly from my IP.
> Point your program to the IP address of the VM using port 9050 for SOCKS,
or 8888 for HTTP(S).  Use a web browser with FreeCap, which is set to use
Tor on the IP address of JanusVM.

> Therefore if the Socks is logging the IP address (honey pot socks etc.)
> that it serves, it will only see Tor exit nodes, not my IP.
> I'm not sure I understand you correctly.....
If your program goes through Tor, then the destination host will only see
the IP of the exit node.

> Is this possible? To use a VPN and then on top of the VPN use a Socks
> layer?
> The VPN connection between your PC and JanusVM makes all the traffic pass
through Tor.
If you connect the VPN to JanusVM, then used FreeCap, all the SOCKS traffic
from FreeCap would pass through Tor.

I installed JanusVPN using the Run.bat command that is provided inside
> VMware.
> Good.  Now when you connect the VPN to JanusVM, all your apps (FreeCap,
Firefox, Chrome, etc..) will pass traffic over Tor.

Feel free to e-mail me directly if you have any more trouble with it.

- Kyle
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