Downloading attachments with Tor - is this secure?

Matthew pumpkin at
Fri Jun 18 07:06:14 UTC 2010


Apologies in advance for the basic-ness of this question.   I cannot
find the answer with Google or in the Tor documentation.

When you connect to a website using HTTP or HTTP/S and you want to
download a file (like a .doc or .exe) then Firefox asks you where on the
hard drive the file should be saved, you decide the location, and the
file downloads.

In these cases, how is the file downloaded?  Does the download happen
through HTTP/S?  If I am using Polipo and Tor then I assume the file is
downloaded as HTTP/S and goes through the Tor nodes like any "normal"
HTTP/S traffic.

In other words, can someone confirm that each attachment is not
downloaded in a way that is "outside" the Tor nodes?


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