Karsten N. tor-admin at
Thu Jun 17 10:47:28 UTC 2010

Am 14.06.2010 16:02, schrieb alex-tor at
> I am running the exit-node My provider,
> server4you, keeps getting abuse reports from


server4you is not a good provider for exit nodes. They take down servers
only because of spam abuses. :-(

My recommendation is: use an other provider soon as possible. Until you
can close your contract with server4you you may close ports for sending
mails (465 and 587). May be, it will help a little bit.

For your new server it may be the best choice to use a provider, who can
set the RIPE-DB entry of the IP address to your contact address.
(I was taught last time some provider offer this feature, but I have no
more informations at the moment.) All abuses will go directly to you and
not to your ISP. It is a very usefull feature for tor exit nodes. ;-)

Best regards
Karsten N.
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