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Mon Jun 14 21:36:02 UTC 2010

On 06/14/10 10:02, alex-tor at wrote:

> I am running the exit-node

Thank You, for your generous contribution to tor!!!

> My provider, server4you, keeps getting abuse reports from
> According to the abuse service they are running
> honeynets which record activity comming from my exit-node's IP.

What, specifically, are they tracking to your IP? This unspecific
complaint could be anything from an innocent series of pings, to an out
and out stream from metasploit!?

> I have tried to communicate directly with but got
> no answer.


> Any recommendations on what I could do?

Guess I'd politely tell server4you, with a copy to shadowserver, that
you want to accommodate shadowserver; that they've been unresponsive;
and that you'll need specific information to fix the problem. Once you
have that info, you may need only block specific ports at shadowserver.


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