kuhkatz kuhkatz at
Mon Jun 14 19:01:53 UTC 2010

Am 14.06.2010 16:02, schrieb alex-tor at
> Hi
> I am running the exit-node My provider,
> server4you, keeps getting abuse reports from According
> to the abuse service they are running honeynets which record activity
> comming from my exit-node's IP.
> I have tried to communicate directly with but got no
> answer.
> Does anybody have experience with those guys?
> I mean, they should know what tor is and that their "abuse" reports
> create nothing but work and anger for everybody. So why do they do it
> then?
> For the moment I have to close abuse tickets on a weekly basis. I could
> live with that, but I would prefer solving the issue.
> Any recommendations on what I could do?

i assume you might block these server via the exit-rules of your server.
which of course would not solve any problem per se, because the people
wich trigger the abuse complains would get routed through other exit
nodes, so the abuse notes would just go elsewhere.

> regards
> Alex

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