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Mon Jun 14 17:46:03 UTC 2010

> I am running the exit-node My provider,
> server4you, keeps getting abuse reports from According
> to the abuse service they are running honeynets which record activity
> comming from my exit-node's IP.
> I have tried to communicate directly with but got no
> answer.
> Does anybody have experience with those guys?
> I mean, they should know what tor is and that their "abuse" reports
> create nothing but work and anger for everybody. So why do they do it
> then?

Probably because your exit node is being used to do something that
warrants an abuse report.

> For the moment I have to close abuse tickets on a weekly basis. I could
> live with that, but I would prefer solving the issue.
> Any recommendations on what I could do?

Stop the activity on your exit node that is causing them to lodge reports?

> regards
> Alex
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> =zuoD
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