Hidden Services Hosting and DMCA

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On Sun, Jun 13, 2010 at 05:54:41AM +0200, tor at wiredwings.com wrote 3.0K bytes in 57 lines about:
: determine the ISP, in the Internet today it is trivial. Regardless of
: that, in the end I am just an ISP. If they put so much work in finding

You need to be very careful about calling yourself an ISP.  There are
all sorts of legal obligations around being an actual ISP in the USA.
The main item to consider is CALEA compliance and how you handle
data retention upon subpoena or court order.  I believe the term you want to
say is "ISP-like" or "like a common carrier".  I'm not a lawyer, don't
take this as legal advice.  

: Especially with the current
: political situation, I see a market around Tor, and you should not
: misconceive that. Commerce is not all bad.

I agree.

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