Automated threat messages force limitation of Exit Policy (Softlayer)

Michael Holstein michael.holstein at
Tue Jun 29 17:50:15 UTC 2010

> As in, MediaSentry doesn't want Tor to exist (for obvious reasons), so
> it DMCA-DoS's new exit nodes?

No, they pick on everyone pretty much equally .. easy to do when you're
just using a script to scrape a tracker and complain.

I've investigated many of the complaints over the years, and have yet to
find any evidence that that Mediasentry ( makes any effort to
download or verify that the client they are complaining about is in
fact, offering the content in question. This was most hilariously
demonstrated by Washington University when they spoofed a bunch of
printers and got DMCA notices for them(*).


Also, as I've mentioned previously, it's not at all unusual to get
complaints for IP addresses (within our block) that have never been
used. I get the impression that folks (probably the media companies
themselves) are intentionally injecting fake information into BitTorrent
like they used to do with Napster .. except that BitTorrent handles this
much better. The fallout from that is companies get a bunch of bogus

My 0.02.


Michael Holstein
Cleveland State University
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